The “Costa del Sol” closes the summer with 5 million tourists

These figures mean a 2% increase with respect to 2011 and an impact of 3.700 million Euros

The “Costa del Sol” closed the summer tourist season with a clear increase in the two most important concepts: number of tourists received and economic impact in destination. The president of the Malaga Provincial Council and Tourist Department, Elías Bendodo, has announced that between June an ...
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Advantage of purchasing a property before the end of the year

Increase of IVA from 4 to 10%

The difference between purchasing specific properties on the 31st of December as opposed to doing so on the 2nd of January, will have an increase of 6% in the price of acquisition. As it is known the application of the type of super reduced IVA is a measure of application until the 31st of December ...
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The bad bank will buy 89.000 properties

Average discount of 63%

The banking restructuring fund (Frob) has revealed on the 30th of October 2012, further details regarding the future of the bad bank, named officially as Sareb (Management Company of  Assests from the Bank Re-structuring). To be specific, the Management Company will be born with a total of 89.0 ...
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Experiences of other bad banks in Europe

Spain is not the first country to set up a bad bank

The starting of the Spanish bad bank is imminent. However, financial institutions aimed at taking on construction toxic assets have been an experience developed in other European countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria or Belgium. Nevertheless the most similar one to this national bad bank i ...
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