El impuesto sobre la renta de no residentes

El no residente esta obligado a presentar antes del 31 de Diciembre

Before the end of the year, every non resident who owns a property in Spain, must proceed to the payment of the Non Resident Tax. The payment of this tax is compulsory for all non residents who by 31st December 2012, were the owner of a property. In contrast to some other local taxes, that are d ...
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Main changes of the New Renting Law in force since June 2013

Since last June, the new law regulating rentals is in force. We would like to highlight in a clear and easy way the main changes to take into account. Manzanares Lawyers consider that the main change is that the relationship between the parties is now more flexible and it will be able to negoti ...
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Legal security on property acquisition in Spain

The Spanish legal system, and the process followed on the acquisition of a property in Spain, is based on a legal system that offers security to the buyer that makes an investment in good faith. Guarantees offered by this system are based on the fact that, as long as all legal requirements are ...
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Spanish government predicts a historic year for tourism after a “Record August”

Spanish government predicts a historic year for tourism in 2013 after the records of foreign tourists and bookings accommodations, and especially in relation to the very optimistic views toward the last quarter of the year. “We can close the financial period with record figures of tourist arriv ...
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The law that allows residence to be obtained in Spain approved

With a minimum investment of 500.000 € in the purchase of properties

The law that grants residence permit to foreigners investing in Spain has come into force. This law establishes that non resident foreigners will be able to obtain the residence permit as long as they make a substantial investment of capital or they purchase a property from 500.000 Euros onward ...
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